Actual Photos From Our Home Inspections This Year!

Frog on Electrical disconnect 11-1-15
Your little friend was full of Asian Beetles.
He’s lucky he didn’t get heartburn. Get it?
Nice and warm in the electrical disconnect for the air conditioner.
One of his legs is in contact with a hot leg of the 220 volt circuit.
I knocked him off his perch, saving his little frog life.

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Spider Big 2015

This Wolfe Spider had been feasting on some crickets in a damp


boa at panel

This Boa Constrictor was just too close to the electrical panel!


bird in the dryer vent

Baby bird wanting food in the dryer vent. I bet it is warm there!


Bat in the gable vent

A Bat in the gable vent! You know quano carries Histoplasmosis!


Live Mortar in house

Saving the Best for Last!  Can anyone guess what this is?
It is not an animal but can be considered living in your house!
Is this Live or a Dud?

You guessed it! It is a mortar round!

Oh the Possible things living in your home!




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