After a storm where rain has dumped several inches the ground can not absorb it quickly and
this will cause flooding.

Flooding in Creeks, Lakes and Yes Even Your Basement!

flooded basement


Remember the stories of Death By Electrocution at the Lake of the Ozarks


Do not enter your flooded basement until you have all the electricity shut off to the whole house!

The worst possible case is that you need to go into the basement while it’s still flooded.
The only way that can be safely done is when the house has been completely disconnected
from the electrical grid by removing the electrical meter face from the meter pan.
You’ll need to have an electrician, or a utility employee or a specifically trained firefighter pull the meter face.

If the house has gas service and there are flooded gas appliances in the basement, turn off
the gas at the gas meter outside. To do this, use a wrench to turn the metal stub on the gas
meter left or right so that it’s perpendicular to the pipe.

After the water is gone there are still many concerns to address:

A Contractor Might Need to be Called In to Get Your Basement
Dry and Mold free.

dryer basement

  1. The basement needs to be completely dried with dryers.
  2. Carpets needs to be replaced or dried completely
  3. Drywall and insulation needs to be removed, area dried out and then clean dry insulation reinstalled.
  4. The installation of a dehumidifier will help with decreasing moisture.
  5. Identify where the water came in and repair those areas.
  6. Seal all cracks and if needed get a foundation repair contractor involved.



By following some of these suggestions you can eliminate
water issues such as water staining, mold infiltration and bug issues.

You Can Also Avoid Being Electrocuted by Keeping Water and Electricity Separated!


Stay Dry This Stormy Season and Be Prepared!


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