We want our Homes to Be Our Fortress!
We want the structural integrity of our homes to be sound and strong!


There are many factors that can cause changes in the foundations of
our homes. The weight of the home’s structure, gravity, the internal components
weight and connection stressors. Plus the climate; such as wind, rain, and soil shifting and conditions.


These are the very reasons why future home owners and sellers should get their home inspected.
You can learn about the condition of the home and determine what the defective or marginal issues
are before you start the buying and selling process!

Learn the signs of a foundation on the move!

6 Symptoms That Your Foundation Could Be on the MOVE:

1. Doors  and Windows That Will Not Open or Close Without Dragging or Sticking.

With a shifting foundation and the house settling it can change the dynamics of the door jam.
When the windows stick, the sill will move but the window frame remains the same size,
making it extremely difficult to open or close the window.


2. Cracks On The Walls Going Diagonal Near Doors and Windows.
If the house settles quickly, then the walls will crack at weak spots near openings.
If you begin to see these cracks (horizontal, vertical or zigzagging),then it is time to get an inspection.
3. A Small Gap Found at the Bottom of the Garage Door.
When you start noticing that your garage door does not close evenly then this gap

could be telling you that the building is changing shape and moving around.


4. The Expansion Joints Where the Caulk is Around Doors and Windows Starts Separating.
When you start to see cracks and ruptures that are diagonal. When the caulk is being pulled away
these could be signs of movement.
5. Floors That Are Not Level

Sagging, Buckling or Sloping floors could mean your foundation is on the move.


6. Warped Ceilings
Also be on the lookout for exposed gaps where interior walls are supposed to meet with each floor and ceiling.


Knowing the Signs and Symptoms of a House on the Move Can Help You
Quickly Remedy the Situation Before Further Damage Can Occur!

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