What Do You Mean?
I do not want to have a Flooded Basement-ANYTIME!

During Hot Dry Weather the Soil Around Your Foundation Pulls Away and Drys Out.

Then when it rains hard, your dry soil will not
absorb the moisture that fast; therefore running all the way down into your
basement. Possibly flooding, leaking, or staining the walls causing a host of problems!

Start by making Watering Foundation Plan.

1.  One good way to start is by having small beds of plants with mulch around them so
that when you water it keeps the soil up close to your foundation damp.

Now this is important! When considering planting be careful! Trees and shrubs can become a
problem too. Their root systems can get to big and disrupt foundations. Plus their branches
and leaves can get too close to the siding and roof. Learn about the trees and shrubs you
want to plant and make sure their rooting systems are not going to grow into your foundation.

CAN YOU SEE IT? This is what we do find the problems!

2.  Another step you can take is placing soaker tubes around your house and setting a house
timer and watering your foundation.

3.  Lastly, you can install a irrigation system in the ground around your foundation. These can
be set on timers also and can keep your soil around your foundation damp.

The KEY TO SUCCESS: Walk Around Your House and Check to See if You Have a GAP and If the
SOIL is Pulling AWAY Then Get On A Watering Foundation Plan and SAVE LOTS OF



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