Just like the Sun Burning Holes Through Your Eyes During an Eclipse the Sun Can Also Damage Your Home!

Imagine being outside in the sun playing in the sprinkler or sipping tea reading a book but Uh Oh you forgot to wear sunscreen
and now your skin is burning and your are as red as a lobster. Aside from your skin turning red your are also going to become
dry and the moisture from your skin will become depleted quickly!

The Same Thing Happens to Your Shingles, Siding, and Exterior of Your Home!

This can become costly:

Melted siding

Blistering of Shingles

Deterioration of floor boards on decks and stairs

Overheated Concrete that chips and buckles

Ways to Prevent Sun Damage and Future Problems

Making Sure the products you use has UV protection for the Climate you are in.

  1.  Paint, Stain, Sealants, and Natural Oils are a great start Especially for wood.

   2.  For Inside Your Home Using a UV Protected window covering/film

3.. Roof Coating Products will increase the life of your roof.

There are many options but most importantly Doing Home Maintenance Will
Extend the Life of Your Home’s Structure.

If you See a Problem Get it Fixed.

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