Went into a crawl space one time and look what we found!

This is why it is so important that Spradling Home Inspections, LLC
Inspects Your Home!!
This is a joist holding up the main floor and now it has been
compromised because it has been cut to accommodate the plumbing!
There is nothing holding up the toilet above! 

Now when you sit on the toilet the floor will fall through!!!!

Yes this actually happens more than you realize in homes!

We do not think that plumbers do this on purpose, they just are
trying to get things done and do not realize sometimes that
what they might do will cause major problems. It could have been an oversight
but it will come back to HAUNT the Home Owner Soon After Moving In!!

In the article: On the level: the horrors that lurk beneath our floorboards,

You will hear Jeff Howell’s story about the horrors under his floor!

Could this be the same at your home?  

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