Vacationers BEWARE!!

We went to Wyoming for a week! We get to stay in what we call the Gnome Home!

The Gnome Home is a guest house decorated full of Gnomes that our Aunt and Uncle have.
When their kids, grandkids and we come up, we can stay there!
It is so beautiful where is sits, by the Windriver which flows right next to the cabin!
Our Uncle and Aunt’s Cabin is right next door.

In the Gnome Home there is a cool propane fireplace inside. Uncle Jack always
has us open a window to provide fresh air for combustion.

The Gnome home has Working Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detector
and Yes I always Check them!


So Vacationers BEWARE!!

I know Uncle Jack does not want to have his best guests,
get sick or something else terrible, because he loves us.

However, when You Go on Vacation to a Destination that is Not uncle Jack’s, YOU MUST PROTECT YOURSELVES!!!

Make sure:  (You Do This In Your Homes; But Do You Do This On Your Vacation?)

  1.   Check for Working Smoke Detectors!
  2.   Check for Working Carbon Monoxide Detectors!
  3.   Make Sure You Know and Your Kids Know Fire Escape Plans!
  4.   Always Carry Mini Flashlights in case the electricity goes out!

Here is a tragic story of a family that never returned from their trip to Mexico due to toxic gases!

In loving memory of the Sharp Family

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