The answer is YES!

The reason is because radon is the number 1 cause of lung cancer in non-smokers!
There is Radon (radiation) in every home, but no one knows the levels until the home is tested with the proper professional continuous monitors, placed in an approved location!

Why Should You Care:

I am very passionate about this because in just the last 10 years I have come across
5 people that had stage 4 lung cancer and had been living in homes that tested at high radon levels!
21,000 people a year die from lung cancer caused by radon.

I also have talked to Realtors who have family members and or friends that have died from lung cancer!
I felt so sad for the people with lung cancer because they never knew about radon.
I have also known families that were never exposed to smoke and died from lung cancer. I have
always wondered if those people had high radon in their homes and did not know about it.

Realtors and Home Owners: This is What You Should KNOW!

Realtors and their clients should know the health risks involved in breathing high levels of radon.
It is a disservice to our customers not to give the facts as we know them from the EPA.  As a realtor, it is your responsibility to advocate for your client by staying educated about radon and the importance of radon testing. You may have home buyers asking you about the dangers of radon, acceptable radon levels, or even how to go about radon testing. On the other side of the transaction, if a seller has already received radon results, they may have questions about disclosing that information. Then let them make the choice to test or not!  The cost to test with our Corentium Pro Continuous Monitors, is way less than the medical expecnses of going through lung cancer at any

How to Prepare for a Radon Test with Spradling Home Inspections.

  1. Make sure all the windows and doors are closed for 12 hours prior to the test.
  2. Make sure that windows stay closed and when entering and exiting the home, shut the door
    behind you.
  3. Keep your thermostat set between 67*-77* during the test.
  4. Make sure dryer vents are closed up if the house is vacant.
  5. Make sure that the ceiling fans and whole house fans are off..
  6. Make sure your pets and children do not bump or knock over machine as it
    will show tampering and re-testing will be recommended.
  7. The test is best in a bedroom. It can not be placed in a kitchen, bathroom, laundry
    room, or near a fireplace, or a furnace room.
  8. We will set up a small square folding table 14 by 14 inches and is about 20 inches off the floor.
    (These are recommended protocols for placement)
  9. The test will run for 48 hours. It will take samples of the air every hour. They also monitor barometric pressure, temperature
    and relative humidity which are important factors to look at!

All Homes Should be Tested! Know Your Health Risk!
Call Melanie 573-268-0780 to get Your Test Scheduled TODAY!

We discount all tests with a Home Inspection! If you read this article and you just want a Radon Test I will give it to you at the discounted price. (This is only for Boone county.)

My next blog will discuss the importance of testing with the right equipment!
This is vital to getting
the most precise results. 





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