Excellent Question! The answer to this question depends on 3 things:

  1. If you have a listing agent then they should explain how to get your
    home ready for Home Inspections.
  2. If your are the buyer and you have a real estate agent helping you
    through the buying process, then they should be in contact with the Seller’s Agent
    to make sure the home is ready for your Home Inspection.
  3. If you really want to know then call Melanie at Spradling Home Inspections 573-268-0780 and she
    will walk you through everything you need to know to make the process run smoothly.

How to Prepare Your Home for a Home Inspection

  • Make sure your electric, water, and gas are turned on. Believe it or not, after scheduling home inspections,
    the house still is not ready and it causes delays in inspecting and slows the process down.
  •  Furnace: Clear all items blocking the furnace. People love storing paint, Walmart sacks,
    scrap lumber, left over ceramic tiles, etc. Please remove all items away from the furnace.
  •  Water Heater: Clear all the items blocking the water heater. People love storing items
    behind the water heater and around it. Make sure all items are removed.The Water Shut Off Valve
    is located neat the water heater and removing items helps to locate the valve.
  • Closets: Especially closets that hold water heaters and furnaces; please remove everything
    in front of the closet that blocks the ability to totally open the doors.
  • Attic Accesses: If your attic access is in the garage, then remove your cars. Provide a safe space
    in all directions to pull the attic ladder down or to get a ladder up. If your attic access is in your clothes
    closet then take out any shelves or clothes that block the ability to put up a ladder. Covering clothes nearby
    with a sheet is very helpful.
  • Electrical Panels: So many people build shelves around electrical panels or hang things over them. It is
    so important and a safety issue to have easy access. 2 1/2 feet around the sides of a panel should be clear and 3 ft in front of the panel should be cleared.
  • Outlets: Make sure all outlets are exposed so they can be easily checked especially in the garage area.
  • Lights: Make sure all your light fixtures have bulbs that work.
  • Basements and unfinished spaces: Clear as much moveable items away from the walls.
  • Outside: Make sure your hose bibs have unattached hoses and the exterior is visible without having to move heavy
  • Pets: Make sure your pets are confined or sent to a friends house or boarded during the time of the home inspection. They need o feel safe while the home inspector is going through their domain.


Being Prepared Helps Makes the Home Inspection Go Smoothly and Quickly!
Also, it eliminates multiple returns to inspect items that were inaccessible during the inspection.

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