So many people put off or do not understand or just do not even read their reports.
Sometimes a year later it comes back and bites them in the butt.

Items in the report that get missed when a report is not read are the defective items.
Those defective items then become major problems like; leaks in roofs, stone falling off the front of the house,
the water heater is leaking, the A/C conks out, then the owners of their home become really pissed off!
Then the blame game starts and people want things paid for instead of taking care of it to begin with.

Yes this happens, but not that often because our reports are easy to read if they get read!

Our Reports Come with Photos and a Summary Page with Defective and
Marginal Items for Easy Organization and Reading!

If you as a client do not understand your reports and you have questions; PLEASE CALL US!
If you are concerned: PLEASE CALL US!
All questions are important to us! PLEASE CALL US!
We want to answer all your questions!

The First page is the General Information:
Such as the date and time of your inspection.
Was the electric, gas and water turned on?
What was the outside temperature and was the
property occupied or vacant?
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All definitions listed below refer to the property
or item listed as inspected on this report at the time of inspection
Acceptable: Which means the item inspected is Functional with no obvious signs of defect.
Not Present: Which means the Item was not present or not found.
Not Inspected: Means the Item was unable to be inspected for safety reasons or due to lack of power, inaccessible,
or disconnected at time of inspection.
Marginal: Means the Item is not fully functional and requires repair or servicing.
Defective: Item needs immediate repair or replacement. It is unable to perform its intended function.

Here is the list of all the possibilities that can be checked:
Lots and Grounds
Exterior Surface and Components
Crawl Space
Air Conditiong
Fireplace/Wood Stove
Heating system
Living Space
Laundry Room/Area
**All this depends on what is available to check and what has been
discussed to be checked.**

SUMMARY PAGE: Your Negotiating Page:
Everything in the report that is Marginal and Defective will be summarized on these pages.

Defective Items: Are items that need to be fixed immediately to prevent further problems.
Marginal Items: Are items that can be deferred for a short period of time and will eventually
and possibly turn into Defective items if not fixed.


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YES! There are Home Inspectors Using the Wrong Radon Machines!

Several weeks ago I learned that a customer had a home inspector that came in and set down a
monitor on the kitchen counter and then did the home inspection.
Once done, the inspector picked up the monitor and gave the readings.

This is NOT an approved method of testing for Radon “Radiation” during a
Home Inspection for Real Estate Transaction.

There is Radon in Every Home! We just do not know the levels until the home is tested with the proper equipment!


The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that during a Home Inspection
these protocols for a precise testing environment are required!

The machines that should be used are Continuous Radon Monitors
We use the Corentium Pro which is one of the Best in the Business!
The Corentium Pro is fully AARST/NRPP-certified for Radon tests and home inspections in the United States,
it complies with the EPA guidelines and can perform 48-hour measurements.


The model should measure radon, barometric pressure, relative humidity, and temperature.
You need these other measurements to determine accuracy, tampering, and weather events
that can determine more about the levels of radiation coming from the break down of
uranium in the soil specifically from the home being tested.

Your Family is Number One!

Never take a chance with your health! Radon is the #1 Leading Cause of Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers!


Always know you are getting the right test; call Spradling Home Inspections
for Your Home Inspection and Radon Testing!

“We love helping you discover the health of your home!”

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The answer is YES!

The reason is because radon is the number 1 cause of lung cancer in non-smokers!
There is Radon (radiation) in every home, but no one knows the levels until the home is tested with the proper professional continuous monitors, placed in an approved location!

Why Should You Care:

I am very passionate about this because in just the last 10 years I have come across
5 people that had stage 4 lung cancer and had been living in homes that tested at high radon levels!
21,000 people a year die from lung cancer caused by radon.

I also have talked to Realtors who have family members and or friends that have died from lung cancer!
I felt so sad for the people with lung cancer because they never knew about radon.
I have also known families that were never exposed to smoke and died from lung cancer. I have
always wondered if those people had high radon in their homes and did not know about it.

Realtors and Home Owners: This is What You Should KNOW!

Realtors and their clients should know the health risks involved in breathing high levels of radon.
It is a disservice to our customers not to give the facts as we know them from the EPA.  As a realtor, it is your responsibility to advocate for your client by staying educated about radon and the importance of radon testing. You may have home buyers asking you about the dangers of radon, acceptable radon levels, or even how to go about radon testing. On the other side of the transaction, if a seller has already received radon results, they may have questions about disclosing that information. Then let them make the choice to test or not!  The cost to test with our Corentium Pro Continuous Monitors, is way less than the medical expecnses of going through lung cancer at any

How to Prepare for a Radon Test with Spradling Home Inspections.

  1. Make sure all the windows and doors are closed for 12 hours prior to the test.
  2. Make sure that windows stay closed and when entering and exiting the home, shut the door
    behind you.
  3. Keep your thermostat set between 67*-77* during the test.
  4. Make sure dryer vents are closed up if the house is vacant.
  5. Make sure that the ceiling fans and whole house fans are off..
  6. Make sure your pets and children do not bump or knock over machine as it
    will show tampering and re-testing will be recommended.
  7. The test is best in a bedroom. It can not be placed in a kitchen, bathroom, laundry
    room, or near a fireplace, or a furnace room.
  8. We will set up a small square folding table 14 by 14 inches and is about 20 inches off the floor.
    (These are recommended protocols for placement)
  9. The test will run for 48 hours. It will take samples of the air every hour. They also monitor barometric pressure, temperature
    and relative humidity which are important factors to look at!

All Homes Should be Tested! Know Your Health Risk!
Call Melanie 573-268-0780 to get Your Test Scheduled TODAY!

We discount all tests with a Home Inspection! If you read this article and you just want a Radon Test I will give it to you at the discounted price. (This is only for Boone county.)

My next blog will discuss the importance of testing with the right equipment!
This is vital to getting
the most precise results. 





Excellent Question! The answer to this question depends on 3 things:

  1. If you have a listing agent then they should explain how to get your
    home ready for Home Inspections.
  2. If your are the buyer and you have a real estate agent helping you
    through the buying process, then they should be in contact with the Seller’s Agent
    to make sure the home is ready for your Home Inspection.
  3. If you really want to know then call Melanie at Spradling Home Inspections 573-268-0780 and she
    will walk you through everything you need to know to make the process run smoothly.

How to Prepare Your Home for a Home Inspection

  • Make sure your electric, water, and gas are turned on. Believe it or not, after scheduling home inspections,
    the house still is not ready and it causes delays in inspecting and slows the process down.
  •  Furnace: Clear all items blocking the furnace. People love storing paint, Walmart sacks,
    scrap lumber, left over ceramic tiles, etc. Please remove all items away from the furnace.
  •  Water Heater: Clear all the items blocking the water heater. People love storing items
    behind the water heater and around it. Make sure all items are removed.The Water Shut Off Valve
    is located neat the water heater and removing items helps to locate the valve.
  • Closets: Especially closets that hold water heaters and furnaces; please remove everything
    in front of the closet that blocks the ability to totally open the doors.
  • Attic Accesses: If your attic access is in the garage, then remove your cars. Provide a safe space
    in all directions to pull the attic ladder down or to get a ladder up. If your attic access is in your clothes
    closet then take out any shelves or clothes that block the ability to put up a ladder. Covering clothes nearby
    with a sheet is very helpful.
  • Electrical Panels: So many people build shelves around electrical panels or hang things over them. It is
    so important and a safety issue to have easy access. 2 1/2 feet around the sides of a panel should be clear and 3 ft in front of the panel should be cleared.
  • Outlets: Make sure all outlets are exposed so they can be easily checked especially in the garage area.
  • Lights: Make sure all your light fixtures have bulbs that work.
  • Basements and unfinished spaces: Clear as much moveable items away from the walls.
  • Outside: Make sure your hose bibs have unattached hoses and the exterior is visible without having to move heavy
  • Pets: Make sure your pets are confined or sent to a friends house or boarded during the time of the home inspection. They need o feel safe while the home inspector is going through their domain.


Being Prepared Helps Makes the Home Inspection Go Smoothly and Quickly!
Also, it eliminates multiple returns to inspect items that were inaccessible during the inspection.

Are You Protecting Yourself in the Real Estate Transaction?

How can getting a home inspection with Spradling Home Inspections, LLC
Limit Your Liability?

  • We are Nationally Certified through the American Society of Home Inspectors.
    The oldest and most respected home inspectors organization in the United States.
    To become an ASHI certified Home Inspector we had to:
    Pass the Proctored National Home Inspector Examination.
    (Not an Online Test – Not Open Book).
    Complete the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics Education Module.
    *  Had our Inspection Reports successfully verified for compliance with ASHI Standards.
    Submitted valid proof of performance for at least 250 home inspections.
    *  ASHI Certified Inspectors are the only true 3rd party certified Inspectors.
    in the industry that are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)
    *  Only ASHI Certified Inspectors allowed to use the Gold ACI Logo:
    *  Maintain 20 hours of Continuing Education per year and approved by ASHI.
  • Choose Spradling Home Inspections because we are the high-valued inspection company
    and Not the low-price inspector.
    Trying to save your client $100.00 bucks or so could wind up costing thousands or more
    in home repairs. Call us because our prices are based on Finished and Unfinished square footage of the home.
  • Do not down play the importance of ancillary inspections for your clients.
    Insist Your Clients do these things:
    RADON TESTING. Radon is radiation and we use fully AARST-NRPP certified Corentium Pro Monitors (continuous monitors). Radon is the Number 1 cause of Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers.
    It is a Win Win for your clients to test the home they are living in, selling and or buying. One, for their Health and the
    other for the real estate transaction. Your clients need to know how much radiation they are breathing!
    Termite Inspection. We are your first line of defense for termites. If we see them, we report them.
    This is why we schedule Wingate Pest Management (they invoice separately) to come out at the
    time of our inspection to inspect for Termites. They dig for them and this is their expertise.
    They also provide our clients with a one year warranty.
    Sewer Scoping and Lagoon Inspections we schedule for our clients with a Certified Inspector to come the
    the same day as our inspection. So let us know.
We have been in business since 1999!
You can rely on our Experience, Expertise, and Customer Service!

Do Not Short Change Yourself and Your Clients by going for the cheaper inspector and by not providing your clients with the
information they need on Radon and Termites!

We are Your Experts and we work closely with your clients
which provides your transcations with the best outcomes!

Plus, we are open anytime!
Give us a call and we will get your questions answered!

Happy 2020 Call Us Today! 573-268-0780

Stuart ACI#245245 and Melanie ASHI#259803
Spradling Home Inspections, LLC



Our (PHIM) Professional Home Inspectors of Missouri had
our Awesome 8 Hour Educational Seminar the 18th at
Boone Electric Community Rooms!

It was Outstanding!!!

Pictured Left to Right: Mike Rawlings, Bobbi Wilson,
Scott Johnson and Stuart Spradling ASHI#245245 Owner Spradling Home Inspections, LLC

Mark Parlee the Building Consultant spoke and had an amazing Power Point!

Super Lunch by Centurion Stone and tons of Great Door Prizes!!!

Meyerworks, LLC  Jim and Lisa Meyer provided our breakfast

Dan Burke, President Elect,
Keith Proctor, President
John Watkins, Past President
Joshua Hoyes, Treasurer
Melanie Spradling, 2019 Secretary, ASHI #259803 Owner of Spradling Home Inspections, LLC
Mike Rawlings, Web Master

Josh Hoyes and Jay Creasy getting ready for the Seminar.


Eric Metzdorf talking to Bobbi Wilson
A gentleman from Topeka Kansas talking to Dan Burke.

It Was a Great Day for Education!!!

Spradling Home Inspections, LLC
                Est. 1999
This is our 20th Year In Business!!


Vacationers BEWARE!!

We went to Wyoming for a week! We get to stay in what we call the Gnome Home!

The Gnome Home is a guest house decorated full of Gnomes that our Aunt and Uncle have.
When their kids, grandkids and we come up, we can stay there!
It is so beautiful where is sits, by the Windriver which flows right next to the cabin!
Our Uncle and Aunt’s Cabin is right next door.

In the Gnome Home there is a cool propane fireplace inside. Uncle Jack always
has us open a window to provide fresh air for combustion.

The Gnome home has Working Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detector
and Yes I always Check them!


So Vacationers BEWARE!!

I know Uncle Jack does not want to have his best guests,
get sick or something else terrible, because he loves us.

However, when You Go on Vacation to a Destination that is Not uncle Jack’s, YOU MUST PROTECT YOURSELVES!!!

Make sure:  (You Do This In Your Homes; But Do You Do This On Your Vacation?)

  1.   Check for Working Smoke Detectors!
  2.   Check for Working Carbon Monoxide Detectors!
  3.   Make Sure You Know and Your Kids Know Fire Escape Plans!
  4.   Always Carry Mini Flashlights in case the electricity goes out!

Here is a tragic story of a family that never returned from their trip to Mexico due to toxic gases!

In loving memory of the Sharp Family

Have Your Home Inspected by Spradling Home Inspections, LLC







It is Important Before the Next Heating Season to Confidently Know that Your
Furnace is in Great Condition.

Read More »

Here is What You Can Expect From
Spradling Home Inspections, LLC

We are ASHI Certified,
AHIT TrainedNADRA CertifiedMaster Shingler Certified,
20 years in Home Inspections
Established in 1999

We Start Out By Understanding Your Needs, Your Desires for Safe Healthy Living.
We Put A Plan Into ACTION on the Date and Time to Inspect for You.

You will receive confirmation emails on when and an inspection agreement to tell you what we are doing.

Next we explain why you need to have at least
3 services checked on the home you are considering to buy!


This will help you to see pictures of Marginal and Defective Issues
in the home that could keep you from being safe.

Two is A Qualified 48 Hour RADON TEST
This will help you to determine your health risk for Lung Cancer and Exposure to Deadly Radon Gas.
I have met 6 People over the past 5 years with Stage 4 Lung Cancer from Radon!

Corentium Pro Radon Testing Machines

Stay Away from Lung CANCER

Third is to have a TERMITE INSPECTION

Do not get stuck with termite damage.

Lastly, if you need any other special services we will set them up; like a Septic Inspection,
EIFS Inspection, etc.

We are Your Experts In the Field and
We KNOW What You Should Know in Making the SAFEST HOME BUYING DECISIONS

and to do so you need comprehensive information to guide your way!

Do Not Let Anyone Rush You on Your Journey!
Information Is Your Key to Understanding and Decision Making!


When it is not raining we always do roof inspections by climbing on the roof!

So many home owners do not know that their Dryer vents, vent out the roof!
Check out these vents from some Home Inspections we have done!

I was reading up on things to look for that are signs of a clogged dryer vent,
but it dawned on me that no matter what, our dryer vents need to be cleaned
every 6 months or more dependant on the number of people in the household.
This is the best way to prevent problems!

However, here are several ways to know the signs of a clogged dryer vent:

  1.  A musty odor is discovered in the clothing following the drying cycle
  2. Clothes seem unusually hot to the touch
  3. Excessive heat is noticed in the room in which the washer and dryer are operated
  4. The dryer vent hood flap does not open properly when you use the dryer (this is the slitted vent opening to the exterior of your home)
  5. Debris is noticed within the outside dryer vent opening
  6. Large amounts of lint build-up in the lint trap during each cycle
  7. Odor noticed from dryer sheets used during the drying cycle

Total length of a dryer vent through the attic should not exceed 25 feet and it should be smooth metal,
so that the lint does collect in the vent. Plus it is much easier to clean.
Details we know to look for during your home inspection!

A cool tip is you can collect the lint for your camping trips! It makes a great fire starter!

Call Today and Schedule Your Home Inspection!

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