We were out driving around looking at Houses Being Built.
We love looking at new construction. It is fun to see the steps in

We came across the craziest site ever!  The duct work was in the attic but no roof.
The job site had boards everywhere with nails sticking out of what looked
like pulled off roof boards and lumber sprawled everywhere!
Nails were scattered all over the premises. It was CRAZY!

Before You Buy Learn All YOU CAN!

  1. What moisture exposure did the house have before being built?
  2. How long were the framing boards on the ground?
  3. Was the foundation poured and protected correctly?
  4. How much weather exposure did the interior have before the roof was put on?
  5. Was the electrical hooked up and installed to the panel safely?
  6. Is the exterior of the house like brick, EIFS, and or stone applied to current standards?


Check out the List of Problems That Can Occur to All the Situations Listed ABOVE:

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Just like the Sun Burning Holes Through Your Eyes During an Eclipse the Sun Can Also Damage Your Home!

Imagine being outside in the sun playing in the sprinkler or sipping tea reading a book but Uh Oh you forgot to wear sunscreen
and now your skin is burning and your are as red as a lobster. Aside from your skin turning red your are also going to become
dry and the moisture from your skin will become depleted quickly!

The Same Thing Happens to Your Shingles, Siding, and Exterior of Your Home!

This can become costly:

Melted siding

Blistering of Shingles

Deterioration of floor boards on decks and stairs

Overheated Concrete that chips and buckles

Ways to Prevent Sun Damage and Future Problems

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What Do You Mean?
I do not want to have a Flooded Basement-ANYTIME!

During Hot Dry Weather the Soil Around Your Foundation Pulls Away and Drys Out.

Then when it rains hard, your dry soil will not
absorb the moisture that fast; therefore running all the way down into your
basement. Possibly flooding, leaking, or staining the walls causing a host of problems!

Start by making Watering Foundation Plan.

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Stuart was inspecting around the corner
when he heard the sound of Fire Engines and saw smoke!

Everyone thinks, “Oh this only happens to other families, not us!”
Not true it can happen to YOU!

When have you had your home inspected?

Water Heater?
Radon Gas…Radiation?
Doors, Windows?

All these components are important for healthy living!

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Spradling Home Inspections Can Help you Find Potential Problems Before They Start!
Proper Maintenance Can Prevent Injury and Death!
Be Smart and Avoid The Most Costly Repairs!


  1. Asbestos Removal

    Asbestos removal and disposal should be done by a licensed contractor that has hazmat experience
    due to its cancer causing agent.
  2. Foundation Damage

    A foundation that is damaged will cause racking of walls, windows, and doors.
  3. HVAC Repairs

    A Leaking heat exchanger can not only be costly financially but a leak can be deadly.
    Carbon Monoxide is an invisible gas!
  4. Mold Remediation

    Mold can make you sick. Removal, repair of walls, and stopping the moisture is the most important
    in improving air quality after the mold is removed.
  5. Damaged Roof

    Replacing, repairing is very important in order to prevent other maintenance issues such as mold,
    and water in places it is not suppose to be.

Five More to Go:

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I love to take showers during a storm because we have a huge
Picture window facing the North West! My shower has rope lights around the ceiling
and it is just the coolest thing to see lightning cross across the sky and hear the thunder!

But How Dumb am I? I never thought of this till just recently!!

Lightening can strike your house and it can travel through the metal pipes, wiring, or the gutters,
and it can travel through the reinforcing steel in the concrete.

So during a Storm, Heed the Warning Stay Inside and away from your shower!!

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Ivy around your house can look so wonderful!!

Seeing the green leaves and new growth makes you feel great but your future headache
is about to happen! The expense in repairing and replacing exterior and interior walls can
really be a huge headache!

The roots of your vines  can grow into small cracks in your siding. This can lead to trapping moisture,
leaking inside your walls and rot. On brick it causes failing mortar joints.
The vines can damage other parts of your house as they envelop it. The vines can
pull off gutters, window panes, roofing materials, and wires due to their growth and heaviness.

When vines get into the cracks of your home the freeze and thaw cycle allow those
cracks to become bigger allowing pests and varmints to enter your home as well.


Most importantly this dense coverage also conceals what’s occurring to the
exterior walls and averts regular maintenance

Learn the best way to grow your beloved vines without damaging your home!

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Ok, I just had to put this in the blog!!

I found this somewhere and thought it explained the difference between
a Tornado Watch and a Warning!




Frayed Wires, Old Stiff Wires, Outdated wires, Over Used Wires,
Wrong Size Wires
Can Cause Electrical Fires

Decorating with Lights can be so fun especially when everything goes right!


Be aware of what you are doing and What you are using to decorate your trees or
the outside of your house.

Follow these Simple Rules to Avoid Electrical Fires

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burglar at house

Wintertime Break is coming up! Vacations, outings, and business trips may leave your home vulnerable to would be theft. When you’re preparing for your vacation use these 10 simple tips to protect your home, family and property!


10. Don’t Showboat

When you buy expensive electronics do not leave the empty boxes at the curb for trash pick up and all to see. Don’t leave expensive property in the view of the neighborhood.

9. Deceiving Burglars

Break-ins usually occur during the day. Have a scheduling device to give the appearance that someone is home.

8. Secure Doors and Windows

One of the easiest ways of breaking in is by popping the sliding glass door off its frame, even when its locked. By securing the sliding glass door with a wooden stick cut to length, you prevent the door from sliding open.

7. Don’t Leave Hidden Spare Keys at Your Front Door 

Do not have a spare key where someone might watch you retrieve it, therefore getting access to your home. A better idea is to have a trusted friend or neighbor have a second key on hand.

6. Secure Your Yard

Creepy tall bushes close against the siding allows a perfect spot for a would be burglar to hide. Keep you shrubs and bushes cut back and yard well lit not leaving a spot for burglars to use.

5. Get Police Help

Take advantage of your police resource. Sign up for surveillance while you are going to be away.

4. Prepare Before Vacation

Call your trusted neighbors to know you are leaving town. Make sure to have your newspaper and mail stopped during this time.

3. Know Your Neighbors

Neighbors that know each other usually results in lower crime rates. Your neighbor may be able to spot unusual activity on your property while you are away.

2. Stay Vigilant

Even though you have taken the precautions it is important to stay alert. If you are not paying attention you may be welcoming a burglar into your home with open arms.

1. Lock it Up

Always keep doors and windows locked, including dead bolts when possible. It’s the number one way to deter would be thieves.

To get more information on each of these topics go to the full article on Top 10 ways to Discourage Break-ins, by Cristen Conger

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