Shocking Pictures from Our Home Inspections!

We have found all kinds of “Totally Shocking” things when inspecting homes!

One time we were inspecting an electrical panel in a garage and on the outside wall above
the panel was the hose bib! The hose bib had frozen during the winter and the valve was dripping onto the panel!
Imagine our SHOCK when we saw that!!! SAFETY HAZARD INDEED!!

Electrical Panels Can Be Totally Shocking!
So Check Out What Was Caught By
Surprise When We Opened this Electrical Panel!!!

Hello Mr. Mouse-Starter of House Fires!

Mice love to chew on EVERYTHING! They chew the coverings off of
electrical wires exposing the electrical current which can cause fire!

Here are pictures of the openings in an electrical panel called,
“knockouts” and they are not closed off with approved clamps or bushings!


The Wires In This Panel Have Been Chewed Through!
This is Why You Need Spradling Home Inspections, LLC

The Best Way to Keep Mice Out of Your House:

  1. Make sure all food sources for mice are out of your garage and around the exterior of your house:
    Dog food, trash cans, keep them covered with tight lids, old newspapers, etc.
  2. Make sure all entry holes in your walls are closed up:
    Use foam filling holes that mice can not chew through.
    Use steel wool in corners of your garage.
  3. One of the Best products we have found that kills
    mice and keeps them from smelling is CONTRAC
    It kills rats, mice and meadow voles!
    You want to get this from Wingate Pest Control!
    You also want to keep it away from your pets and children!!!

    We love to help you discover the health of your home!


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